The Order Submit API

Getting Started

Our Order Submit API lets you order many of our products programatically. We receive, produce and ship thousands of orders via our Order Submit API every day.

You'll need Order API credentials before you can access the API. Reach out with details on your project and the types of products you're looking for and we'll get you setup with what you need.

Development environment

We have a sandbox environment available to use during development. You will need a different set of credentials for each environment.

Sandbox URL:
Production URL:

All of the examples throughout this documentation points to the production URL.

All requests require the use of https.

Basic Flow

  1. Make image assets accessible to WHCC by URI somewhere, such as Amazon S3. Optionally leverage signed URLs for additional security.

  2. Authenticate and get an access token for importing and submitting your order request against the correct WHCC account.

  3. Generate an order request as structured JSON defining your order based on our JSON product catalog.

  4. Import your JSON order request and sanity-check the order contents response.

  5. Submit your order for production using a ConfirmationID returned when importing your order request.

  6. Register to receive and then consume webhooks from WHCC as your order is processed and then shipped.

What's Next

Get started with Authentication

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